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Children's Book About Friendship

North Country Publishing has created a Children's Book with a host of fun characters!  We are sure that your children will love Billy Bullfrog, Lilly the Leopard Frog, Old Timeless Turtle, Poppy the Painted Turtle, Susy Newt, along with Tommy Trout!  Pond Friends is a story about Billy Tadpole.  He explores his big new world - the pond, and he loves to make friends.   Our friendly Children’s Book Characters help Billy as he grows up.  Much like when our children grow, change and move, these hurdles can be challenging.

When Billy learns that he is changing, the friends take him to go to visit “Old Timeless Turtle” – the wisest creature in the pond.  Billy finds out that he is an amphibian and will soon be a bullfrog!  This Children's Book on friendship, focuses on how friends — old and new can help during the challenges in life. 

North Country Publishing produces "UPlifting Children's Books" for all ages.  We have lots of plans for more, "Pond Friends" books in the future, so check back often

"I bought this book for my five and seven year old Grandsons. They really enjoyed the story and loved the pictures. This is such a great book... I would recommend it to anyone with small children. The illustrations are awesome and we enjoyed looking for the small creatures on every page." — Pam, Amazon Reviews, 5 Stars

Meet the Friends

Children's Frog Book featuring Billy Bullfrog!  This great character Billy Bullfrog has a whole world to explore - both in the pond and on land!

Billy Tadpole & Bullfrog

Pond Friends' main character begins his journey as Billy Tadpole and later turns into a Bullfrog.  He is super happy with his life in the pond, but faces changes that only his best friends can help him through.  Billy Bullfrog learns all about life in the water and on land.  He is so happy to be surrounded by creatures that care.  We know that our Children's Tadpole to Frog Book will be one of your child's favorites!

Lilly Leopard Frog Children's Book Character in Pond Friends - Children's Book on Friendship

Lilly Leopard Frog

Lilly is a great friend of Billy Bullfrog.  They have fun on adventures at the pond.  They love to croak at night when the full moon is out and the stars are shining brightly!  Our Children's Book Characters feature frogs and other creatures that make the friends of the pond unique.  They all help Billy learn about the pond and the land.  Billy and Lilly also love eating flies, sitting and hopping on lily pads together.

Old Timeless Turtle who is the wisest at the pond helps Billy Bullfrog learn how tadpoles grow up to be frogs!!

Old Timeless Turtle

Our Children's Wise Turtle Book Character is our main hero in Pond Friends.  He is the wisest and oldest creature in the pond and lives in his sunken tree trunk home.  Here he has a library of books educates the friends - just like pond school.  In the story Pond Friends, Old Timeless Turtle helps Billy understand that he is an amphibian.  Our Children's Book Tadpole to Frog story will surely be a favorite!

Children's Trout Book Character | Children's Book with Trout

Tommy Trout

Tommy Trout is the first pond friend that Billy makes when he is exploring his brand new home as a tadpole.  Tommy Trout is a Rainbow Trout and lives in the big beaver pond.  He helps Billy find answers when his amphibian body begins to change.  Tommy is a colorful and happy character in Children's Book, "Pond Friends" - kids will really love him, especially children who love to fish in lakes and streams!

Susy Newt is a Friendly Children's Book Character who loves the pond.

Susy Newt

Susy Newt meets Billy in the big beaver pond while he is still a tadpole.  They find friendship, play pond checkers and explore the big pond together.  They have a lot of fun being young, but then all of them noticed, that Billy was beginning to change!  Susy is there as support and helps bring him to Old Timeless Turtle.  Together, Billy, Tommy and Susy Newt all learn how important the bonds of friendship are.

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Poppy the Painted Turtle

Poppy the Painted Turtle is one of the first land creatures Billy meets when he turns into a bullfrog!  Poppy is one of our smiling  & friendly Children’s Book Characters who live in the forest and around the pond.  He and many others welcome Billy to his new found home.  Soon, he misses his friends in the water.  Billy eventually learns that amphibians can enjoy life in water and on land and has the best of both worlds!

"Parents and children will love this sweet story of a little tadpole and his loveable pond friends, the fun they have, and the surprise they encounter. The illustrations are beautiful, powerful and detailed. I love the rainbow trout. This book will be a useful addition to every library and school. it is a well-made book with a wipe clean cover. This is the first publication by the Harman's who are both accomplished artists. I look forward to their next publications. (Written by my grandmother I bought this for, Kathy Griffin)." — James G., Amazon Reviews, 5 Stars

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