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Chris and Gina Harman, Authors & Illustrators

Welcome to North Country Publishing and our About Us page.  We are Chris and Gina Harman and we live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  Our company is committed to publishing family friendly children's books with morals and values. As parents, we know the challenges that children go through when growing up, moving, finding new friends, and dealing with hurdles in life.  We have two children, who are now all grown up — but throughout their young years, they were a huge inspiration for us to have fun around the pond and look for creatures.     

Currently, we have two books available:  "Pond Friends" & "Pond Friends, The Greatest Alphabet Adventure".  We have approximately five more books to publish by 2024.  We hope that you enjoy our books and make sure to visit our primary website that delves into all of the branches of work that we do:  fine art, web design, jewelry, travel, our YouTube channel, and what inspires us!

About the Authors | Illustrators
Chris Harman grew up in the small town of Vernon Michigan and spent most of his childhood exploring nature, hunting, and fishing.  He attended Kendall School of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI and today works with painting, illustration, sculpture, wood carving, as well as being a Children's Book Author and Illustrator.   He has been featured in BBC Wildlife Magazine and has exhibited his art in numerous galleries.

Gina Harman was born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  North Country Publishing is woman owned and Native American owned – Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians.  Her endeavors include painting, illustration, graphic design, writing, photography, video production, and Children's Book Author and Illustrator.  She also produces one-of-a-kind Lake Superior Agate Jewelry.

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"We love God, family, home, nature, & Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  Our artwork and children's books echo those primary building blocks to our life.  We also bring those credentials to our video production, where we highlight our life in Michigan and beyond.  We love adventure, learning and helping businesses grow." — Gina Harman

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